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July 12, 2011


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I am not entering, as I already won MKA. But, I wanted to leave a comment. She deserves to be recognized, she loves, loves book clubs, congrats to Adriana.

Shannon J.

I like that this a series of 3 you can get more in depth with the characters! What a fun interview! I like that it is a radio call in show! Thank you for sharing!!


Such a fun show - I didn't know Trigiani was so influenced by her readers - but how fun to know how much she cares about them. Love the Valentine books.


Adriana Trigiani is an amazing woman who has written numerous wonderful books which are memorable. West Village setting for the book is a favorite of hers. Many thanks for this special giveaway.

Jodi Lupp

I love Adriana Trigiani. I learned such cool new things about her.

Bonnie Block-Lee

I have several Adriana Trigiani books. She's wonderful. I will have to order her Valentine series. Sounds wonderful...thanks, Bonnie in Everett, WA


I love this author. I listen to books on audio and have to say that the Big Stone Gap series was so wonderful that it made me want to travel to see these places. Very Valentine and Brava Valentine really touched me. I am not a big fan of mushy romances but these books made me feel as if I was part of the family. I loved the fact that they left me feeling as if I learned how to make a pair of shoes and find myself a hunky Italian.

Brava Adriana, you are awesome.


I love and have read all of Adriana's books. I also had the pleasure of meeting her at her book signings. She is an extremely passionate person with her books and fans. I am looking forward to the new Valentine book and also the Big Stone Gap movie. I love all of her books but my favorites are "Queen of the Big Time" and "Big Stone Gap". Jennifer, this was a great and informative interview, thanks for sharing it with us. I also love your web site. I have read some of the books you have listed on your site, great suggestions. Thanks, Adriana for all of your books. I have been inspired to write my own Italian family cookbook for my nieces.

Katie P.

I've listened to two of the Valentine audiobooks, but haven't read any of Adriana's other books yet. This show reminded me that I need to check them out! I really liked hearing about how much she interacts with her readers, and loved her warmth and graciousness.

Anne Fledderman

I discovered Adriana's books two years ago; I fell in love with the Valentine books first, and then have read all of the others. She is a wonderful, passionate person; I cannot get over the fact that she keeps so in touch with her fans. She is an amazing lady!

Terri van gulik

I recently starting reading Adriana Trigiani's books. I love them. I'm a definite fan.

Heather M.

I've always been intrigued by Ms. Trigiani's book covers and story ideas, but I've never picked one up. I think for fear of having to read each of her previous books, and I already have such a huge TBR pile. After listening to her, I may just have to try one. If I'm lucky enough to win, I'll read them, and maybe I'll have no choice but to read the rest. ;) I liked hearing how Adriana came up with her ideas for Valentine...

Anne Brown-Baker

Adriana and her books are just outstanding. I love everything of hers since I was lucky enough to be introduced to her. Great interview! Thanks.

Pj Ciulla Sanders

My dear Adriana I've learned never fails to disappoint in any of her books for girls as well as adults.
Read one book and you will be hooked and ready for the next one!
I've also learned that Adriana and I are 3rd born so she and I truly connected.Keep up the great word..Can't wait for the movie!!!;)Love you Adri;)

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