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June 01, 2011


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I'll read this tonight if my internet is back up at home!


I am so excited about these new publications of the AC books. They are lovely and I absolutely want them all! LOL

Yes, I'd love to be entered for a copy of the MM short stories. I love Miss Marple and the Tuesday Club stories are a lot of fun.


I'd like to join in on the conversation. I've never ready any AC before, and I'd like to see what I'm missing! Question: do you need a webpage to sign up on Mister Linky?


Oh, I'd love to win these short stories! So excited for the AC read-along.


I'd like to join in the discussion on the Tuesday Night Club. I haven't read AC in ages. Looking forward to the stories. I'd love a copy of Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories.


I am off to sign up with the Mr. Linky; this sounds like so much fun :)
I would love a chance to win these short stories...thanks Jennifer!

Kate Sutherland

Count me in for the read-along. Christie is an old favourite, and I'm very excited about the lovely new editions!


Glad to learn it is available to read online as my local bookstore today told me it was out of print. Which makes sense, since the new releases are coming soon! I have a weird copy entitled "13 Clues for Miss Marple" that has about six of the 13 stories from "Thirteen Problems," but, of course, no "Tuesday Night Club." I plan to cool out in the AC with Grand Dame AC for sure! I hope I win a book!


Can't wait to start reading AC. Never read her. Nice time to start. I will read it online.


I'd love to participate and join in on the conversation!

Abigail Jones

can't wait to discuss!!

Kori Donahue

Hi there,
I'm trying to contact you for possible book review but didn't see an email? I see you review books. I am a first time author, self-published through Amazon. I released my novel in both ebook and paperback. I'd love to have you read and review it. It's a 1950's Hollywood set murder/mystery/suspense. It's getting really great reviews on Amazon if you want to check it out! I'd love to send you a copy if you have the time. I also have a blog if you want to check me out. Thanks so much in advance and have a great day! Kori ;-)


How does one go about getting in the running for the book give away. I dont think I have an URL????


does anyone know when they will be on sale. I have older books of AC, 83 to be exact. All of her mystery, and while she way writing under her pen.


This is a great giveaway and opportunity. Thanks.


So excited! Have always loved AC and it will be fun to read through her works again!


I'm a big AC fan, but have never read this! Very excited!


So I just signed up and want to find out just what part are we reading for the 1st read? The online free option is not working. When you go to the link it shows the online book viewing but the pages says "content not available".


I couldn't get it yesterday either. I had to download it on my nook.


I won a book. I got the e-mail today. I am a happy AC fan.

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