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May 23, 2011


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Thank you for joining and participating with Armchair BEA... to give us poor jealous souls a little taste of what we're missing from BEA NY LoL I hope your enjoying the Archair experience as well. Have a great event week!! ^_^

-SpadesHigh @
Bayayrea_munkie @ hotmail [dot] com

Thanks again!!


The Jerusalem Maiden sounds particularly interesting. I've always wanted to go to BEA, especially since I just became a librarian (w/o a job!) last year.

The1stdaughter (Danielle)

Love this! You are fabulous for hosting this, I know quite a few Armchair BEA goers will really appreciate it! I know I'd love to read Father Mucker...looks fantastically hilarious!

Martha@Hey, I want to read that

Thanks for hosting for those of us Armchairing it. We really appreciate it.

Debbie D

Wow - both books sound really great. I would love a chance to read them.

Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik

Morning...Both books look great! I would love a chance to read these two books! Wish I was at BEA NY today but I had to work! Thanks!!!!!!


These look like great books to read this summer. Please enter me!


They all look great, I plan onn listening in to the shows more often. My summer reading list will be complete with these books!


Both books look awesome. One of these days I will get off the armchair and join in the foray. :)

Terry Parrish

Both books, from what I read, sound like "Don't put me down yet" type of books. Would definitely love to win them. Thanks for reading my comments!


I am enjoying Armchair BEA and I appreciate you holding a giveaway for those of us who cannot be in attendance. I own The Jerusalem Maiden, but would very much like to read Father-mucker.

Melody Mellinger

Love my Nook e-reader but there is just something about real paper that makes reading soooo much more enjoyable.

Word Lily

Ooh, I've had my eye on Jerusalem Maiden!


You guys are wonderful to think of us participating in ArmChair BEA.


I would love to win the books as both sound good. I would love to attend the BEA but since I can not the website is a great way to keep up on the event.


I'm Armchairing from Virginia - thanks so much for offering the giveaway!

gwendolyn b.

Wish I could meet up with everyone in NY - maybe next year!
Thanks for offering the rest of a chance to pick up a little BEA swag. I'm looking forward to reading JERUSALEM MAIDEN, so I'm trying to type with my fingers crossed!

Melissa C

I want to read Fathermucker for the title alone! :)

Thanks for the opportunity to get in on BEA from home!


Jerusalem Maiden looks wonderful. Thanks for this chance.


I would like to have a chance with Jerusalem's Maiden, I have seen the book traveling cyberspace. Even if I don't win a copy I will probably pick one up. Hopefully recommend for my Jewish book club too.

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