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February 08, 2011


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Julie P.

I'm feeling a bit greedy trying to win another one, but....

I am Mad for Maisie for a few reasons!
1) I love the setting of the novel and the descriptions of the fashion!

2) I like how the mysteries are tied into Maisie's personal life.

3) I like how Maisie is ahead of her time as far as using meditation and psychological techniques.

4) I love Maisie and how much she is evolving throughout the books!

Thanks for the chance!


I love Julie's idea of why I'm Mad for Maisie.

1) She's such a well rounded perfectly imperfect character. I think of her like a friend. I get so exasperated with her when she doesn't see what it is she really needs.

2) The description of the time period is fascinating. I didn't know much about the aftermath of WWI but it's simply amazing how it changes so much in England. And again agreeing with Julie. Love the fashion. I can picture it in my mind. (I want to be Pris)

3) Not only do we get to see Maisie grow but we get to see her father and Billy grow as well. I love Maisie is bringing Billy along with her.

4) Maisie's ability to "become" the other person, to get inside their head and know what they're feeling. What a great technique for Winspear to use.

5) Without giving anything away, Pardonable Lies is a darn good mystery. Loving the intrigue.

Whether or not I win. I'm having a great time with this Read-Along. I love getting other perspectives on the story and Maisie.

Word Lily

Oh, awesome prizes! I haven't participated much so far because the first three books I've already read, but it's been years and so I don't remember them all that well. I'm planning to be a more active participant in the coming books, though!


I have read several of the books which are memorable and unique. Maisie was ahead of her time. She was a career woman who was intriguing, talented and capable. I enjoy reading about the era and the way people lived. The locales that were described are fascinating and Maisie's abilities are wonderful. This series has me totally captivated and ready for another installment.

Diane (bookchickdi)

I'm so enjoying Mad for Maisie. I feel with each book, I get to know Maisie better, and I'm enjoying the trip into 1930 London, especially the clothes.
I have all of the Maisie books except Messenger of Truth, so I hope I win!
Thanks for hosting this fun event.

nomadreader (Carrie)

Fantastic! I'm in the middle of Pardonable Lies right now and absolutely loving it. I feel Maisie is such a kindred spirit, and she's quickly become one of my favorite fictional characters. I worried when I started the read-along that reading two books a month from the same series would be too much, and I probably wouldn't finish, but I'm actually having trouble keeping that pace: I'm so eager to read her next adventure!

Amy @ A Faithful Journey

I just found this and I am in!! These books sound like something I would really, really, enjoy!


I already have MOT, but I'll comment anyway. : ) I just finished my reread of PARDONABLE LIES and can't wait for the discussion. I think it is my favorite of the first three.

I think the Maisie series has all of the elements that I love in a story: "olden days," England, tea, touch of romance, some mystery, fascinating heroine, vintage fashion, redemption, overcoming odds, etc.


Is anyone else chomping at the bit for Monday's discussion? There's so much to talk about in this one. Hurry up, Monday. (Okay, I have a patience problem-Did you know we have to wait till 2012 for season 2 of Downton Abbey?)

Dawn - She Is Too Fond of Books

Hee-hee ... try BB&B with one of those 20% off coupons for your poster frame :)

I AM Mad about Maisie! I've already picked up MESSENGER OF TRUTH, so no need to enter me in the giveaway.

The part I'm enjoying most (if I have to choose just one thread) is all the info about WWI and post-WWI England that I'm learning. Maisie puts a face on those who didn't fight but were involved in some way, and experience the aftermath.

(I'm just heading back to add my review/thoughts link of BIRDS OF A FEATHER to that discussion post)

Tracy Stoller

I was Mad for Maisie when the first book came out, but I lost track of the series after the first three. I am becoming reacquainted with her now. I love learning about WWI and British life prior to WWII--a period I never managed to get to in school!

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