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February 21, 2011


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Michelle B

Loving the Maisie books so far and the book discussions on line! I can't wait to hear Ms. Winspear!


One of my favourite series- always buy them in hardback! Can't wait to read the new book!


This sounds great! I love this series!


My favorite heroine and series. Thanks.

Sandra Furlotte

I am a huge fan of Maisie Dobbs and would love to win a copy of this book.


I adore this series and am so anxious for the new book!!

Christine W.

So looking forward to the new book! But in the meantime, I'm enjoying my re-read of the series.

nomadreader (Carrie)

I'd love to win! I'm about half way through Messenger of Truth right now, and I'm enjoying it more than Pardonable Lies. Thanks so much for hosting this read-along!


Loving the series! I'm listening to the audio books of Maisie as I drive around. Keeps me entertained!

Lesley C

Really looking forward to reading these books!


I just found out about these boks last year when Ms. Winspear came to my local library. I love the ones I've read so far and would love to a) win a copy b) read a long.

Terry PS

how do we sign on for the book club?
I must have perfect timing... just finishing MESSENGER OF TRUTH.

Katy C

I've just discovered this series and have got through the first two already, looking forward to reading the rest of them :o)


I don't generally read mysteries but really loved the first Maisie Dobbs. I have books two and three here and need to get back to her! A lesson in Secrets comes out on my 40th birthday. If that's not a sign to spend some quality time with Maisie again, I don't know what is!


love this series!!

Kat Duncan

haven't read these, would love too!

Christy H.

I haven't had a chance to read any Maisie Dobbs books yet, but would love to ;)

Book Club Girl

Hi Terry, if you want to discuss Messenger of Truth with us, just come on back here on Monday, February 28th (I'll post reminders on FB as well). If you want to join the entire read-along, you can certainly start with Messenger and then stick with us - the schedule we're reading along can be found here:

Hope you can join us!


I stumbled onto this series last year and am really glad I did! I cannot wait to read the next in the series.

Beth Lowe

I'm now addicted to this series, thanks to my favorite book blog, She Is Too Fond of Books ( I've read the first three, and I just finished Messenger of Truth. I'd love to be part of the I'm Mad for Maisie Read-Along, and I'm looking forward to the discussion on Feb. 28th!

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