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January 17, 2011


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Thank you for the link to the review. It's ridiculous how much I love Emily. I still have to get a copy of Winona and Carney. But, I do look forward to it.

Melissa Mc (Gerbera Daisy Mom)

I just posted my review of MHL's Early Candlelight on my blog today and mentioned that I would never have known anything about her without the help of book blogs! It was a lovely story -- I was completely wrapped up in it until the end. And then it tanked. But, it hasn't lessed my new found admiration for her works. I have the three stories mentioned on my shelf, I will be reading them soon.

Katie @ cakes, tea and dreams

YAY for these wonderful books - and the praise of them. I just reread Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown (again), and am thinking of Emily as I "muster my wits" during this cold winter.

Dawn - She Is Too Fond of Books

I snatched the Weekend Journal out of J's hands when he walked in with it last Friday. "Oh, a book thing," he said, when he saw me flipping to the Reviews section.

"A book thing?!? No, it's a Betsy-Tacy thing!" I stormed.

Yes, then I mustered my wits and patiently explained Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy, Tacy, "the gang," the NewBetsies, etc.

I don't think he'll dismiss me with "Oh, a book thing" again :)

Book Club Girl

Dawn, I love it. I think all of our loved ones have experienced such moments of being victim to our passionate rants. I remember, years ago, giving my mother the high points of the entire series and totally choking up when I told her about the end of Great World. Honestly, I looked like a lunatic. But as she's my mom, I think she thought it was pretty great.


I'm not American, so this is a discovery for me. I've googled the books and they seem quite interesting but, could anybody tell me about the values they teach? Are they the typical "marry and become a housewife" stories or are they more revolutionary?

Thanks a lot!


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