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October 18, 2010


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Oooh, this is so great! I would love to attend the NYC showing! It sounds like such a fun time! :)

~Danielle, from Pocket After Dark

Katie @ cakes, tea and dreams

Oh, I'd love to go to the Boston screening! The Sound of Music is my FAVORITE. :)


We would love to go to the Boston screening!


would love to see this in Nassau County Long Island New York!

Glenn White

Would love to attend the LA screening! Thank you!!! :)


I'd like to attend in Chicago.


I would LOVE to attend the LA screening :)


Would absolutely love to see the screening in NYC, but just as happy to win tickets to see it locally in Lynchburg, VA!

Leanne Clare

So sad! Seattle not on the list for freebie tickets?

Lara Falconer

Love to see it in Chicago!

Marsha Horry

I would like to attend a screening in Los Angeles! (Or Orange County, if at all possible)


I would love-love-love to attend the screening and SING ALONG to THE SOUND OF MUSIC! Our family likes to take in a CHRISTmas event together in Minneapolis every DEC. A few years ago it was the VON TRAPP FAMILY SINGERS CHRISTmas CONCERT ... and was GREAT! My husband's family is actually related to the Von Trapps, so we thought we'd go by the receiving line to say hello to those who were greeting concert goers. By the time the concert ended it was pretty late and being Wednesday, was a school night so we decided to head to the exits to drive home(through the blizzard that was falling that night, actually.) On the way out, our then 9 year old son said with disappointment, "Aww, Mom! I was looking forward to meeting the relatives!" :)

Kathryn R.A. Nejdl

I am available on October 26, 2010 and would enjoy attending the Chicago showing.


Would love to attend in Boston!


I would love to attend the Chicago showing! My favorite movie -- I just returned from Germany but am disappointed that I missed seeing Salzburg (sooo close!)

Rosemarie Hayman

I LOVE the Sound of Music, am free on Tuesday and live on Long Island so the NYC viewing would be perfect for me!!


I would love to attend the LA Screening! This is my favorite movie of all time and has been since I was 9 yrs old :).


I would LOVE to see the show in Los Angeles! :) Thanks!

Mary Kate

Would love to win tickets for the Chicago showing

Beth Shumate

I'd LOVE to attend the McKinney, TX showing. I've adored this movie since I was a little girl (I'm now 47), have seen it hundreds of times, have read the book about the Von Trapps, and even used to sing "Edelweiss" to my oldest son (now 16) as a lullabye when he was a baby. The McKinney TX theater is just a few miles from my house and I'd be thrilled at the chance to go for free! Thank you!

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