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September 13, 2010


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What a great idea for a giveaway.

I love twitter because I can get the latest book and author news in a few short lines and a link and there are some great discussions on there about books with other bloggers.

Thanks for the Giveaway!

savvyverseandwit at gmail


here's my twitter link:


I love twitter because I can connect with other book bloggers, authors and book industry people.

Great giveaway!


Julie P.

OMG! I so need this! As you know I'm absolutely addicted to twitter. I swear I think in 140 character sentences now! :)

I love twitter because it allows me to "talk" with my book buddies any time at all.

I hope I win but I just might have to order one anyway. I don't have any bling that says Booking Mama!


I tweeted :)

Julie P.

Of course, I tweeted!


Jenn's Bookshelves

What a great contest! I love twitter because of the networking! I've come across some pretty amazing people in the past year I've been tweeting!

Here's a link to my tweet:

Colleen McKie

I love Twitter for so, so many reasons! But the #1 reason, I think, is that I get the chance to meet some great bookish peeps.

colleenmckie at eastlink dot ca


Oh...great giveaway! I've met some great book bloggers and learned about some cool new books because of Twitter. I think it's the best - other than blogs - social networking tool for spreading news about the book and publishing industry.


Great idea for a giveaway!

I love twitter because I get all the book news as it happens! And because I get to interact with fellow book bloggers from around the world up close and personally. :)


Great giveaway!

I love twitter because it helps us communicate about what we are reading and what we think about the books so easily! I've found so many new book blogs to read because of twitter!

Beth F

Here's my tweet:


I tweeted your giveaway:

Beth F

What I love about Twitter -- are you kidding?? Getting to know readers, authors, reviewers, publishers, publicists, & fellow editors. Talking about books all day long! Too much fun.


Link to my tweet:


I love getting to know people and that it's so informal. And there's always someone on to talk to.


Link to my tweet:


I love following celebrities because you can kind of see how their minds work!

Dawn - She Is Too Fond of Books

Why I love twitter (in <140):

"knowing" ppl thru their tweets (whether or not we've met IRL). Quick info exch, questions answered. Pick-me-up when kids are at each othr!

Dawn - She Is Too Fond of Books

yeah, I tweeted it, too:

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