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February 02, 2010


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Melissa C

My dream book club would simply be one where the members were invested in the group. I have yet to find one here in my new state in four years where this was the case. They all seem to peter out rather quickly for one reason or another.

Lori Barnes

My dream book club would be where everyone came in pajamas, brought a appetizer dish, and 5 books each to swap of different gentries, after the book discussion we could place all the books on a table and draw names and each person would pick a book untill they were gone and for our drink we could have bahama mama's : )

Terri van Gulik

My dream book club would be in my dream book store. (When I win the lottery I will open it) A fireplace with a circle of cozy wing chairs, hot tea and coffee, cookies, and a group of fellow book lovers. Tables with piles of books, and shelves galore.


My current book club meets almost all the requirements of my dream book club. We always have great food and great conversation. There's a good mix of talk about the book and talk about our lives. We aren't too serious and welcome members who were too busy to read the book. I guess the only thing that would make it better would be to make sure we would never have a member miss because she can't get child care.


My dream book club would have me a) flying the members to the places mentioned in the books, b)taking them in my time machine so we can feel what that time period was like or will be like and c) having a chef create the meals so we get all a book can give us.

Rebecca Morgan

My dream book club is pretty close to the one that I created with three friends two years ago. There are seven of us and we are all within a couple years of the same age. While you would get a range of perspective from women of varying ages, the benefit of our group is that we are growing up together and learning from each other as we go.


My dream book club would be one in which everyone actually carries through with reading the books and showing up at the meetings. It's no fun once people start giving up.

Sarah Keery

My ideal book club would be held in an old fashioned reading room with bug, comfy chairs, friends who were dedicated to books, and a hunky guy wearing only an apron serving hot chocolate and marshmallows.


I'm finding that I'm pretty lucky in so far as book clubs are concerned--the first one that I joined made some changes almost as soon as I joined that made it work for me. We are a group of diverse women (from grandmas to young moms; from all parts of the country). Some of us are more avid readers than others but all are intelligent and participate. We always have lots of great food, plenty of wine and, while we don't show up in our pajamas, we are pretty casual. We make sure to spend a part of the night talking about the book but also make sure there's plenty of time just to chat. I look forward to it every month.


How does special tea, sandwiches and a different flavor jelly bean each month sound? Oh yes, also a craft usually tied into a book theme, with bring your favorite book read that month and talk away!
My daughter started a bookclub with an "All Books Tea" when she was 9 years old and are still meeting monthly three year later.
At the first meeting the named themselves "Sunshine Fairy Readers"
She will be 12 in May. 6 of the original 12 members still attend.
Members come and go, bringing a friend interested in reading is always encouraged along with anything they have written themselves.

The groups goal -- To expose members to new great books to read.
Range of books have been from classics to modern fiction, graphic novels and plays.

Only rule - You can only bring one book of a series. Then move on:)

Moral: Books, Food, Friends, Fabulous activity, Fun.
She is my inspiration!

Beth F

I was lucky -- reading was and still is important to both my parents. Books were everywhere in out house and everyone read. The only secret reading we did was under the covers with a flashlight when we were supposed to be sleeping. When we got caught at it, there was no real punishment.

Anyway, my ideal book club is similar: men and women from age 18/21 on up. Great food, plenty of wine, great books, intelligent conversation, casual, with someone else to cook and clean up.

I am in a terrific Skype book club but would love to find a group for face-to-face discussion.

The reviews for Dream House have me interested!


I love this post! It's funny because her growing up story is so different from mine. My parents had SO many bookshelves crammed with books (mostly the boring kinds, child-rearing and engineering) but still.

I love her ideal book club. That sounds like mine to. I totally love the idea of a ton of wine, multi-generation and of both gender. I love diversity.

Thanks for the post!

Jenn Petito

I belong to my ideal book club. Everyone brings wine and some kind of snack - we usually meet by the pool in the summer or the fire in the winter at different members houses. Even if one didnt read the book or read a different one we all respect each others opinions. We are all in different stages in our lives - some with small children and others who children are getting married and having grandchildren.


my group is "perfect" but I would like to add another dimension to it-- every month the author meets the group at the location and period of the book (yes, time travel) and discusses his/her work with us while sipping and eating the speciality of the region and period!
that's my dream book club!Thanks.


My book group is pretty awesome - we talk about books while we knit, spin, or crochet. Right now we're in quite a Tudor mode, in fact! The only thing that would really make it better would be Panera reserving its private room for us every week, and being able to have a chat session with the author!

I'd love to read Dream House -- thanks!


I love my book club! The only problem is that there seem to be a small core of members and an ever-rotating outer wing of newcomers. We've only been going for a year, so I hope some of them find the time to stay. I do wish, however, that we consumed more wine together!!!

Dream House sounds like an interesting subject for an upcoming month...



Valerie's description of her ideal book club and some of the above posts sound excellent to me. But at this point, my only desire in my dream book club is that it be a democracy where everyone gets a say in which books we read or a turn to pick a book, and everyone is respectful of other people's opinions. It's sad but true that my current book club does not contain these elements.

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