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February 23, 2010


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Melissa C

I have enjoyed book clubs (several through the years) because I have read books that I would NEVER have chosen on my own. It is exciting to discover new-to-me authors. Some of them I have loved, while others have helped me whittle down what types of writing I do NOT enjoy, which has value too. These books have expanded my horizons and made me think of ideas from other perspectives.

I made it a goal of mine a long time ago to be a life-long learner. Reading helps me accomplish that and book clubs(and by extension book blogs, retailers, and reviewers) are the vehicle that drives that ambition!

Julie P.

I am in 3 book clubs as well, and they definitely make me happy. My "traditional" book club makes me happy because I can have a girls' night out to talk about books with eight of my good friends. My Skype book club makes me happy too because it is made up of my blogger friends. Once a month we actually get to "talk" to each other instead of type! And finally, my mother-daughter book club makes me happy because I love seeing my daughter and her friends learn to appreciate books. Just seeing how much they've matured in two years is incredible. Plus I think the club brings us closer because we can use books to discuss serious issues! This might come in handy in a few years!

Oh yeah -- I forgot one. I am hosting an after school book club for 4th and 5th grade girls. I was a nervous wreck to do this one, but it is so rewarding. The girls are great and very open to talking about the book as well as their feelings!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Kelly Manfredini

I love book clubs!! I am currently participating with my library's book club and I love it. It makes the reading experience richer for me. I always get something out of it that I might not have seen in the book myself. Book club's rock!!

Kari Tucker

I actually organize a book group at a local library that I used to work it. It started as an "assignment" in Jan. 2006 but has transformed into something I love. I continue to "run" it as a volunteer because of the joy it brings.

The ladies (only a few brave men have ever participated) make me smile with their clever takes on the books and true appreciation for reading. No matter if they love the book or hate it, they always make me see the book in a new light.

In addition to keeping the discussion semi-on-track, I also provide the snacks which, I try to make go with the book. As I read, I mark any food mentioned and make my snacks accordingly.

Book groups are great. They're a fun way to really enjoy one of my favorite pasttimes - reading!

Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books

When our family moved out of state 3 years ago I missed my book group terribly - membership had shifted over the 7 years, and we had a wonderful core group for discussion, support, and hanging out together. It was this hole in my book connection that led me to start my book blog.
I now belong to 2 IRL book groups, 1 Skype/chat group, and a few message board discussions. Each have a unique feel and I enjoy them all!

Heidi H.

I am in two book clubs. When I moved here six years ago, a book club was one of the first things I looked for. They make me happy because they give me the excuse to read when I should be getting other things done. When a meeting is coming up, then I "have to" get the book read, and so other tasks and deadlines can be put aside while I read. Also, there are some books that you just have to talk about with others because they touch you, because they frustrate you, because the topic is so interesting or controversial, etc. When I read a book like that and I know that others in my book club are reading it too, it makes me happy to think that in a few days, I'll get to share my favorite parts and debate over the parts that weren't my favorite. It adds to the richness of reading.


I am in three book groups and I love them for the same reason mentioned here. It' shard to make individual plans to see all of my girlfriends as much as I like so it is great to know that at least once every month I will have the chance to kick off my heels, have some snack and catch up with them over books that I might not have read on my own. often times I will find out things I had no idea I was thinking about he book or an issue until it comes up for discussion with others, so it is a wonderful tool for getting to know my friends better but also for self-discovery.


I love my bookclub of smart, beautiful mommies. We all have kids under 5 years and most of us met at our kids daycare. Half the time is spent discussing our book selection and the other half is spent catching up with one another. It's nice to get away for a few hours with good friends and feel like we've accomplished something good- discussing a great book and cultivating our friendships!

D. Lohrding

Hi Jen,
I too am in 3 book groups (2 on-line and one in person). I enjoy all three for different reasons... yet one thing they all have in common and which makes me happy is that while I read I can't help yet snicker at times as to how members are going to react to a specific chapter or character. I think we can't help yet identify with a book's character(s) in some way....someone we once were, we currently are or hope to be...isn't that why we all read(?) learn more about ourselves and others!
darbyscloset at yahoo dot com


Mine makes me happy because I can both see close friends and realize that even if I have a strong opinion about a book, it's not the only opinion. It makes me realize that literature appeals to so many people in different ways.

Karen Johnson

My book club makes me Happy because I have gained loving sister friends. I plan many activities with my book club. It is a wonderful feeling to be involved with a group of wonderful women and I always look forward to our meetings.

My book club makes me Happy because it means spending time with women friends who have the same love for reading as I do. We are not just a book club,we have become a family.

My book club makes me Happy because we also help in our communit by reading to children and purchasing books for children. We are committed to community service and giving back.

My book club makes me Happy because when we are together our discussions provide a healthy environment for letting our hair down, having our say in a way that is accepting, loving, and often very funny.


I just started a book club. We have only had one meeting, but it already is making me very happy. All of us are transplants to our current city. It makes me incredibly happy to meet other women my age with whom I have things in common. It is great to be able to make new friends, discuss great books, and just be carefree for awhile.

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