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September 01, 2009


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My thoughts on reading memoir versus fiction are that if the story is good - based on real life or not, I'm going to read it! But I do love it when I read an amazing story and realize that it really happened :0)


Recently I have read a few memorable memoirs that I appreciate greatly. These were just as compelling as fiction, which is my favorite choice but I will definitely read more unforgettable memoirs.

Michelle B

If a book catches my attention and sounds good, I'll read either fiction or memoir.


I think I become emotionally more involved in a book when it's a memoir versus fiction.

Jennie Nash

Wonderful post! I'm a Berkley novelist, too, and the author of three memoirs. I think Laura says some incredibly wise things here. Makes me want to run out and get both her books, because any author who can be that real in 250 words is probably pretty amazing when she's got 250 pages. Thanks, Book Club Girl, for bringing her to us.

Debbie D

I love reading Memoirs and would love to get my hands on this one. Please inlcude me in your drawing.


I prefer reading fiction for adults but a good memoir is almost as good. It just has to be a good story.
Love to read The Widow's Season.

Melissa C

I would love to read the Widow's Season too! I typically like fiction better than memoir, but recently there have been some really good memoirs coming out from some very interesting people! I will read just about anything though so if it looks good, I am up for the adventure!

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe

Truthfully I like to read fiction. But occasionally I will read a memoir, especially if I can relate to it or it catches my eye. I will not read a book that states it's a memoir and then find out it is not honest.
I can't remember the author's name but Oprah exposed a author. My girlfriend did not have that problem like me. For some reason I do.

Good luck on your


i got as copy yesterday, so I was pleasantly surprised to see this interview--it sounds really good!


I really enjoyed reading this guest post. It makes me more eager to read The Widow's Season, which, conveniently enough, I already have on the tbr stacks, and makes me anticipate her homeschooling memoir.

Sandra Furlotte

I have read some really fine memoirs and have enjoyed them as much as the best fiction. In many cases an individual's life can be much stranger than anything an author of fiction can devise.

Jean Brazil

I love both memoirs and fiction, but like another poster said, I am amazed when I realize a story really happened to a real person.

Hmmm, I almost feel guilty when I read a memoir and don't like the protagonist, whereas when I read fiction and I don't like the main character, that's okay, because I would never actually meet that person!

Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books

No need to enter me in the giveaway, I'm reading THE WIDOW'S SEASON in a few weeks.

I wanted to say thanks for the essay, very interesting to read Brodie's insight on the two genres, esp. since personal memoir is one of my favorites.


When I think of what I want to write, I come into this debate frequently. When I write, I can't help but base some characters on people I know. I mean, there is the constant "write what you know" flying around to most writers. Still, when I took my first fiction writing class, I was warned against writing completely about what I know. The point of fiction is to expand beyond what you know. So a good story blends the two together to create something believable, relateable, and enjoyable. At least, that's what my experience has shown me so far.

Not sure if I made the time limit on here - but if I did, I'd love to be entered in a chance to get the book. It sounds like a wonderful book.


I can't wait to read The Widow's Season. It sounds so good!

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