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August 14, 2009


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I am glad to hear you enjoyed the movie. I just finished reading Julie and Julie and have My Life in France on the way from amazon - I can't tell you the last time I actually bought a book. I think I'll read first and then go see the movie. Can't wait.

Dawn - She is Too Fond of Books

I haven't been out to a movie in ages, but this sounds so good for the big screen. Must read JULIE AND JULIA first; a good book for this weekend!


I can't wait to see it! It really does look adorable and fun.


I can't wait to see this movie!


FYI-I've already read Julie and Julia, but I'd love to have My Life and Mastering! -Bookclubgirl sister

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I'm trying to talk my daughter into going to see this movie tomorrow. The book is on it's way to me and I want to see the movie first.


I'm jealous - I really want to see this movie (and The Time Traveler's Wife). Glad to hear that it was worth the theater ticket price!


My daughter, mom and sis-in-law have a girls night out planned to see this movie. I am happy to hear you liked it!


That's funny - I've heard that too - that you can't see this movie without wanting butter afterwards!!!


I absolutely loved the movie as well and plan on reading the books. It was just such a charming film - funny, cute, entertaining - my only complaint was the ending, which didn't seem like the best way of wrapping up such a wonderful journey.


I felt the same way when I left the theatre. I just loved Tucci's interpretation of Paul. Your dinner party sounds way cool!

Jennie Nash

I KNOW -- I LOVED the movie, and I didn't really WANT to because I am consumed with jealousy at the great good luck of Julie Powell but GEEZ she deserves it, and this was so cute. More power to Julie, and may Julia (or at least her estate) enjoy all the attention, and god bless Nora Ephron.

Sheri Longshore

This movie was wonderful! Totally charming, and Julia Child has an amazing biography (which you get a little piece of in the movie!)-not even really learning to cook until 40! Gives me hope that new things CAN be on the horizion. :)

Tam @ Bailey's and Books

I recently saw the movie too and had the exact same reaction, and I also couldn't wait to get in the kitchen to cook.

Melissa Mc

I couldn't finish Julie and Julia -- but LOVED My Life in France. I've heard the "Julia/Meryl" parts of the movie are much better than the "Julie/Amy" parts. I still can't wait to see the movie.

Mari Partyka

I have seen this movie twice already (once with my neighbor, a personal chef... and with my parents this weekend).

The first viewing ended with applause at the end of the movie.

On Sunday, the audience applauded throughout the movie. My parents laughed and smiled the entire time.

A must see!


I thought the same thing after leaving the theater! I had to call everyone I knew to tell them what a spectacular experience it was. I had a warm glow for the rest of the afternoon :-) Meryl Streep and Amy Adams were AwEsOmE!

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