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June 27, 2009


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Melissa Mc

I went to the movie last night with a group of girlfriends -- half had read the book the other half not. Those who read it HATED the movie -- the diretors took GREAT LIBERTIES with the story line that were so essential to the book! Those who hadn't read the book, loved the movie.
I was in the READ THE BOOK half, and it was a huge disappointment. In fact, I sat there after it was over and thought to myself, "why did they do that??!!"

Mary S

My girlfriends and I set out to watch it last night. I, too, was part of the group that read the book. The movie was disappointing. The changes they made were element parts to the story Picoult shared in the book. Very disappointed in Hollywood's choices.

M Denise C

I saw the movie (not having read the book), but when my friend who went with me told me the book version, I was a little disappointed. I think they probably took too many liberties with the story. All of the actors were wonderful, however.


I also went with my best friend last night, both of us read the book. Sooooo disappointed in the movie! They could have done so much more with Jesse's character or the lawyer's. Just very weak character development and of course the ending is not the same as the book. Very frustrating! Can't imagine Jodi Picoult is happy with it. I cried all the way through the book and didn't cry once in the movie! I will say that the girl who played Kate was awesome! The makeup was very real and the cancer part of the story was well done.


Hmmm, i'm glad I read these comments. I have the book, but haven't read it yet. The movie does look good - so maybe I'll see the movie first and then read the book. Best of both worlds maybe?


My book club read the book as our June selection, and we all went to see the movie together on Saturday. I love, love, loved the book and was happy with the movie. I understand the complaints with some of the character development, and of course the end of the movie was a surprise, but overall I really enjoyed it. I though the actors did an amazing job. I cried through the entire I did with the book. Buy, hey, I cry at commercials ;-)

Carolina Gal's Literary Cafe

I read this one for my book club. A few of my friends already saw the movie. It upset one of my friends that she is still pondering about it two days later.
From that I am not sure if I would go see the movie. If I remember right the book had the smae affect on me than.

Sheila DeChantal

That would have been smart - seeing My Sisters Keeper with my book club. We read that as a group a few years ago. I meet with them next week for our "Elect a Queen Event"... I'll bring it up.

I already went - but I could weep through it again. :)

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