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June 08, 2009


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Julie E.

No offense, but I do NOT come here for diet tips. I have loved reading this blog, as I think some of my past comments have indicated, but if this "diet" stuff will be a regular feature, I'll be moving on. American women obsess WAY too much about their weight as it is. I'm trying to get away from all that obesssion myself and am avoiding things that encourage it. Sorry!

Book Club Girl

I'm so sorry to have made this seem as though it will a regular feature -- not at all. This is just something that I may mention occasionally (probably more on twitter than on here) because it's a big deal in my life as I really want to live a healthier lifestyle. Yes I want to lose weight, but more than that I want to be more healthy overall: get more sleep, connect with my kids, read more and feel better.

I really did agonize over whether or not to post it at all, and I felt, perhaps incorrectly, that I had built up enough of a connection with my readers that I could share something like this with all of you.

I also wanted to share with everyone the short stories I plan to read during my healthy habit time, as that is certainly germane to the blog.

I'll continue to post about books 99.99999% of the time, but if I mentioned this, I wanted those who might be interested to know what I'm talking about. I don't plan to share diet tips. But I'll leave it up to you to decide how much is too much. I hope you won't leave because I've so enjoyed your comments on the site.

M Denise C

Jen, What a great concept and I am excited to see how you do. Maybe even enough to try it out. It sounds very healthy and appealing to competetive types (or those that need more than the normal motivation). Thanks for all the links.


Good luck to you!


I'm excited to see how this turns out. I have a few habits I'd like to break myself - and a good habit to start related to books (read for 30 minutes before bed each night)! Good luck!

Darby Lohrding

YOu go girl! This "diet" or take on "dieting" sounds like it makes a lot of sense! I know you have been after that baby weight and I doubt that it is as bad as you tend to think.
Hugs to you!


In my opinion this post IS book related. I mean, what better way to promote a book than to actually live it?

Good luck with it!


Good luck Jen. I plan to keep reading.


I am on Jen's team at work and struggling with teh 20 pounds I have gained since my mom passed away last year... emotional eating, food filling a void. This idea, this book is THE way to do it. At last, support, fun, teamwork, competition and all in the name of HEALTH! Go team Jen and Lisa

Julie P.

Wow! What an awesome concept (and post!) I think I could really benefit from doing something like this! I will be anxious to hear about your progress! Good luck!

Book Escape

This sounds great. I really need to lose weight, but I can't get motivated. My husband & I can competitive w/each other. Maybe I should get this book and try it out!

Good Luck!


Sounds like fun. Good luck with it. And thanks for sharing, I'm going to find a copy of the book. I tend to be a little competitive myself. Wonder if I can get my SIL's to do this with me - I'd love to kick thier behinds :)

Dawn - She Is Too Fond Of Books

You go, girl - game on!

When I read the outline of the plan I wondered what your healthy habit to adopt and unhealthy habit to lose would be. I'm glad you shared those goals with us. I'm constantly struggling to stay away from the laptop when the kids are up!

Sounds like a fantastic "whole lifestyle" approach, and the support of the team (including your husband) working the game with you should help keep everyone on track.

Good luck to all the players!


i would love to keep a track of your progress here. Do you know of any such challenges that are going on online. I would totally love to take part in one. Being healthy is more important than losing weight. I am glad you took such a healthy approach to losing weight!


I am in desperate need of some advice on Game On. I don't want to use your forum here but you sound like you understand it. Would you contact me directly?
Thank you


Thank you so much for posting this! I've started a team and am waiting for our books to arrive. In the mean time I've been searching Game on! Diet, and this time I thankfully came up with your blog. My biggest struggle has been thinking about what I'll eat, so I really appreciate the picture you posted as well as all of the tips!
I've book marked your site and will be back here often to read about the books you're reading!

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