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May 01, 2009


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My son would probably enjoy this one, so I'll enter. Thanks for the giveaway!


My favorite indie comic book store is Million Year Picnic in Cambridge, Mass. Thanks for entering me!

Anthony L

Fond of Midgard Comics in Charleston, Illinois, my first comic shop!


Ooh! Neat! My favorite comic is "Hush" from the batman series. It brought back every main character and was illustrated beautifully. I was also rather attached to the "Sin City" series. My favorite comic store was in Port Jeff in NY. I'm not sure if it's still there, but it's my favorite because it was the one I went to every weekend as a child.

Julie E.

I assume by "comics" you mean graphic novels as well as the serial comics? I totally love both. I think my all-time favorite is "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. It's one of my favorite books of all time, not just one of my favorite comics. I think everyone should read it.

Seaside Book Worm

My favorite book store is Bookends, in Ridgewood, NJ. I moved about 8 yrs. ago. I have not been there since. But they were a favorite store of mine. I used to go to book signing and author talks. My friends here in the south are amazed there is such a thing. But this introduced me to the real world of books. I met Mary Higgins Clark, Sidney Sheldon, James Patterson. I am not into that gender anymore. More on the literary side. But this introduced me to the bigger world. The other thing independent book store are so caring and know your tastes. They are passionate about the written word. Unfortunately there is not a independent book store in this area. It is over a hour away. But I do make a outing of each and least yearly. I have not done graphic comics but my son does. But I always wanted to try the genre out.


I would love t enter this giveaway. My favorite comic currently would have to be Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips' Incognito from Marvel/Icon.

-Steven Wilcox

Samantha Russell

I'm a freak for Batgirl, Birds of Prey, and Red Sonja comics!!


Rocketship, on Smith Street in Brooklyn, is an amazing comic shop, but the recently opened Bergen Street Comics is giving it some competition! Thanks for the contest

Darryl Heine

My favorite comic book series is Sonic the Hedgehog from Archie comics though it is based on the video games, I like the frequent appearances of Princess Sally Acorn (Sonic's girlfriend who also appeared in the Sonic SatAM 1993-1995 series) in it.

Luke H.

I really enjoy Robert Kirkman's "Invincible".


My favorite comic book store is Page One. Their selection is super. The series that is my favorite is Calvin and Hobbes.


I second the shout-out to Calvin and Hobbes! I'm also in love with Kirkman's Walking Dead. Those two don't really go together, eh?

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