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December 11, 2008


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I haven't read Yiddish yet, it is our book club's selection for the January meeting. I can't wait, it sounds fascinating.


Our book club has not read The yiddish policemens union yet. I know it would encourage a lot of discussion and we are looking for books to read for the next year. So, I hope we win!

stacey @ book:thirty

ACK! What a great giveaway!! I've only read Chabon's Gentlemen of the Road, but everyone tells me I need to read everything of his (including Yiddish)! One of my book clubs will make new selections in the Spring - this would be *fabulous*!


There is a copy of this book sitting in my office for me to read as a possibility for my book club. When am I going to find time to read it? I loved Kavalier and Clay.

Julie E.

A comment about Yiddish? Well, I've only seen it in books, I guess . . . "All of a Kind Family" and the works of Chaim Potok spring to mind.


I haven't read Yiddish yet but have a great interest in this novel. It would be a special pick for our club since we always look forward to something unique and this is it. Thanks for this great giveaway.


Our bookclub has not read this yet, but we'd love to!


This is the only Chabon book I haven't yet read. While Kavalier and Clay is my personal all time favorite so far, I've heard great things about this one. Thanks much for the chance to win!


Oh, I would love to get this kit for my book club! Count my name in the drawing please!


This would be new territory for my book club so I would love to win. Many thanks for the offer!


I've heard a lot of good things about this book. I would love to have a chance at winning it.


What a great giveaway!
My bookclub has not read this book yet, but it sounds wonderful.


If you mean "yiddish" the's really close to German. If you mean the book it looks kind of witty. Like...funny yet really emotional at the same time. (at least from the description on the back of the book). This book looks amazing! :)


This is a wonderful giveaway for any book club! My book club hasn't read this book and it would be a great to win the kit and book!


I have read The Yiddish Policemen's Union and I loved it. But it was a library book so I don't own one. I would love to have one to read again and encourage my family book club group to read it also. Thank you for entering me.


I would love to receive this kit - I am a big fan of Michael Chabon.

nbmars AT yahoo DOT com


Yiddish is one of those cool languages that she say things in that we don't know are Yiddish. My sister works retail with a man that speaks Yiddish and she is also teaching me fun new words.

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