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December 31, 2008


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Happy New Year and as for me I don't make any resolutions I'm a work in a progress...always striving to improve something.


I have the same resolution every year - to read more non fiction. I did pretty well in 2008. This year I think I'll steal your number two resolution as well.

Julie E.

In the past I've always made reading resolutions, or "readolutions," but not this year. I'm just going to follow my bliss and read what I want. It's more fun that way, and I actually get more reading done because I'm enjoying it so much.

Julie P.

These are fantastic. I should "borrow" a few of these for myself. I rarely read any classics or history books!


Good luck with your resolutions. I gave up on them years ago. Happy New Year!


Great list. I agree about buying books. I haven't come up with my list yet!


I really, really will read more nonfiction this year. And high in my priorities right now, I will read more translated work to avoid that nasty literary ethnocentrism of which Americans are so often accused. Join me in my reading challenge for translations?


I applaud anyone who makes New Year's Resolutions; however, I've given up on them because I don't always achieve them and refuse to feel guilty about them. I especially like your resolution about buying more books. I never thought about making that a resolution because I buy almost all the books I read (even though I'm a librarian!). However, I'm going to make it a priority to buy from my local independent bookstore this year instead of ordering from About the baby weight -- my youngest is 19 and I'm still trying to lost that baby weight! Happy New Year!


Happy New Year Jennifer! You have some great resolutions. I am working on some goals for the new year and I like all of yours.


That's a great list. As for reading resolutions, I just want to read more. I want to make it a priority again because it has taken a backseat to other things that are not as important to me.

Happy New Year!


A great list. I have been bad lately and not finishing novels since I have so many on the go. I will be better in the new year with only have one or two on the go. I just finished the Three Musketters so will continue with the classics. And will read books from the Banned Book List so I can support the authors and determine if I as a reader believe they should be banned.

Happy reading.


Happy New Year to you and your new addition. My resolution would be less blog surfing and more reading.
I agree with you to learn something.
And try to read a few more classics.


Hi Book Club Girl, I've ready your resolutions, and will probably end up using some of them! The only problem I may have is that I also write books, so struggle to juggle between reading and writing.
Good luck with them in 2009.


My resolution is the same as last year with one tweak: I have to STOP buying books for a while except for the books for my spanish class for the spring semester. For xmas gifts, I bought over 20 books, adult and children's, new and used. For myself I've bought about 10. I have to work on my TBR shelf at home that is actually TWO shelves before I buy anymore books for a while.

Melanie S

Can I hold you to point 2? I will make that my resolution too!

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