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October 28, 2008


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I wish I could have gone.. The last three years. But it is too far. I tried to promote something like this in Myrtle Beach. But the librarian told me there was no interest. I am such a bibliophile. I have been to the Miami Book Festival which is great. But this sounds different. It sounds more for the book clubs and book lovers. Jennifer I am so glad you posted these video's. It is almost as good as being there. They don't have book signing close to me. They are usually 3-3 hrs. away. I


Great guest post. His book is on my wish list.

Lori Barnes

I have this in hard back The Art of Racing in the Rain and i'm looking so forward to reading it. trying to get some reviews done so i can get to my personal books i've been wanting to read. I love doing reviews especially for new writters but it's always good when i get to read my books that's been waiting for me and this is one i'm looking forward to. I actually bought this book after my daughter acquired her Pug puppy we had been waiting for 6 months and she decieded the potty training was to much for her so we put 3 ads in the paper and i found myself discouraging people that called i even told people we already sold her and it's because i had fell in love with her, she's my 3rd and youngest little girl my other 2 are actual real people but she thinks she is too. But i ran across this in the book store and thought it would be great to read seeing as my new found love for our puppy.
wonderful guest post!


Geez, I wish I could have been there!! But it's great that you met your new BFF, my business partner Trish!! Also Jill, aka Softdrink. Jennie S. is one of our clients at TLC and she is so funny and nice.. wish I could have met her (and you) in person! Next year! Or maybe at the Festival of Books at UCLA in the spring?? Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you all had a great time.


I am so envious of all the folks that were able to attend this event. Some of the bloggers mentioned shared some pics so that's cool.

It would have been nice to meet you Garth! Your book is on my wish list!

Susanne Pari

Thanks so much for this post, Garth. It was great having you at the Expo. I was wondering why I didn't get to spend much time with you over the weekend; I had no idea you drove all the way up to Sonoma on Saturday. You are definitely the most energetic author I've known besides Amy Tan, who is (infuriatingly) puzzled by jetlag. How many book events did you do over the weekend? Four? Five? Readers can't hope for a better kind of author! I hope you eventually got to meet and talk to Andre Dubus III, and I'm delighted that your salon felt comfortable, despite its unusual mix of authors. As you probably realize now, we tend to be a little unusual (can't figure out yet whether that's good or bad) at BGE. Reading books is more fun when there's a bit of a challenge in the after-talk.

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