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September 18, 2008


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My favorite P. Gregory novel thus far was 'The Constant Princess,' which centered on Katherine of Aragon; Henry VIII's first wife. I think the reason I enjoyed it so much was because Katherine is usually just a footnote in novels that center around more glamorous historical figures like Anne Boleyn or Elizabeth I. Katherine had a quiet dignity and went through a horrible ordeal with faith and class. Gregory treated her with the respect she deserved in 'The Constant Princess.'

I've posted about it on my blog, so I'm hoping you get lots of entries!


I had no idea she had written so many books. I was under the impression that Boleyn was her first. Since I have not read them, I do not have a favorite but The Other Boleyn Girl would appeal to me because of the sibling rivalry between the two sisters.


i love "the other boleyn girl" and also her novel about catherine of aragon! i hear historical fiction!

Carmen T

I've actually only finished reading "The Other Boleyn Girl" and I'm reading "The Boleyn Inheritance" right now. I love how Gregory makes such historical figures come to life. I would love the chance to read "The Other Queen." =)


The Other Boleyn Girl is my favorite. I love how well paced it was an how, even though it's a hefty read, you finish it quickly because you can't put it down!

Julie P.

I absolutely loved THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL! It had everything -- intrigue, suspense, romance, deception, betrayal, etc. What more could I want from a novel?


My favorite is probably The Other Boleyn Girl -- because it was my first. I loved all the others since, but that first exposure to Gregory's work was a tasty treat. My second favorite was probably The Boleyn Inheritance. I loved how it was told from alternating perspectives.
My book club is going to do The Queen's Fool next month! I've already read, but am looking forward to re-reading it and discussing it with the group.


my fav is other boylen girl, i loved all the underlying sexual stuff - it was a page turner.

Rhonda Stapleton

My fav so far is The Virgin's Lover--I adore reading about Elizabeth I, and I think she did such a spectacular job showing the intricacies of Elizabeth and her interpersonal and professional relationships.

I'm a huge Philippa Gregory fan, and I'd LOOOOOOVE to have this new novel in my grubby paws!! LOL

Rhonda Stapleton

PS--I posted it on my blog!!



I liked the Queen's Fool best. Gregory used a fictitious character, a young Jewish woman who sees visions, to give a new and unique telling of the story of Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth.


I've only read The Other Boleyn Girl so that is my favorite! I have several others on mt TBR mountain and hope to read them soon! I read The Other Boleyn Girl and was fascinated by the way the author took a real story and spun it into a wonderful fictional story with hints of reality interspersed. I'll post seperately when I blog about this contest. Thanks!


I have never read a Philippa Gregory novel! And I love historical fiction and have read lots of biogrpahies of queens and other women of history. Maybe winning a copy would give me the push I need to read one.

Stephanie C.

I think that The Boleyn Inheritance was my favorite because I really loved the perspective that it came from. it was fascinating to hear from Jane Rocheford and how she felt about everything!

Julie E.

Well, like a lot of people, my favorite is The Other Boleyn Girl. It was the first of hers I read, it was immediately absorbing, and I liked the new perspective it gave on familiar historical events. Loved the movie too.


My introduction to Philippa Gregory began many years ago when my interest in historical fiction started. I found her books captivating and unique. Wideacre was amazing and I went on from there and devoured each succeeding book. The most recent book that I enjoyed was The Queen's Fool which was enthralling and fascinating. Her knowledge and writing gave me a new perspective.


She is an amazing writer and I have really liked them all but my favorite still has to be The Other Boleyn Girl. What amazing giveaways!! Thanks so much!


I have never actually read one of her books which is why it would be great to win this contest. I did see the movie, "the other boleyn girl" and really liked it : )


I loved The Other Boleyn Girl, and have been meaning to read more in that series.


I actually have never read Philippa Gregory yet, though The Other Boleyn Girl is in my TBR list. I'd love an opportunity still to be entered - thanks!


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