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September 17, 2008


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I don't have any sons, but I do have 3 daughters - 2 are readers, 1 is not. My youngest - 16 - still lives at home and we enjoy reading together. We are both currently reading THE PROSECUTION OF GEORGE W. BUSH FOR MURDER. I'm reading it because I want to learn more and she is reading for a class project. We are having some wonderful discussions about this book!


My two sons became readers through my love of reading. Their favorite book was an S.E. Hinton book which they always refer to. Now I am reading Codex 632 which I find captivating and enthralling. They will both have their turn at this wonderful novel.

Jen C.

My son, who is autistic, does not share my love for reading. I have done everything I can think of to try to develop a love for books that I had at a very young age, but so far nothing.

Lately, he has been in trouble. He lost his game system and TV for back talking to me. The only thing left for him to do is... read.

He has been reading Harry Potter (which supposedly he has read before) but I really see him getting excited about it now. He keeps bringing me the book to point out things that are not in the movie. I talk tohim about these differences and have been trying to tell him, See - Look at all that you are missing by not reading. And there is only more left out of each move as the series progresses.

Maybe this time it will work.


My son is 23 and is a big reader. He read alot as an elementary school student--he was big into series such as Goosebumps and Boxcar Children. Then I saw a big dropoff by the time he got to high school. He was pretty involved in sports and theater in high school so didn't make time for reading in his schedule. In college, though, he participated in an Honors program that required a lot of heavy reading. He blossomed into a fabulous reader--he reads much more dense and heavy stuff than I do, and I'm so proud of him for being so well-read and knowledgeable. I like to think that all the hours I spent reading to him when he was little have had some effect--plus I modeled an awful lot of reading behavior his entire life at home!


Since my little boy is only two, he is still in love with Bob the Builder and any books that have him in it. So as of right now, LOL, his favorite book is 'Muck Reads a Map.'

Thnks for a great giveaway!!!

Heather J.

I tried to enter this once, but it disappeared. :(

My son is 6 and we already have a Mom & Son Book Club! I even have a section of my blog where I write about our meetings. It's been LOTS of fun for both of us.

If you want to check it out (since I'm not able to post a link here) come visit me at

and click on the tag "Mother/Son Book Club" on the far right.

Thanks for the great contest, and for putting some focus on the boys for a change. :)


I have five sons, ages 5, 8, 10, 13, and 15. All are readers, some more than others. The 15 yo would read more but is very busy with school. The 10 yo reads EVERYTHING including cereal boxes. He reads on a high school level.

Favorite books at my house include the Artemis Fowl series, Kenneth Opel's books, Fablehaven, Hatchet, Rick Riordan's books, T.A. Barron's books, and so forth.

I will definitely look for the Youngest Templar, because I know that will appeal to several of my guys. Unfortunately, Spy Goddess won't, although I would love to read it, and if I leave it lying around the 10yo will most certainly read it!


My son (10) is finally, FINALLY discovering the joys of reading and the book that did it? Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson.

We don't have a mother/son group but we do discuss the books he reads informally.


I have two boys, John is 9 and Justin is 3. John has been a little behind with reading but slowly but surely is keeping up. He LOVES the Magic Treehouse books (he and I read this book together). His new latest favorite book is the first in the 39 Clues series.


I don't have a son but my brother's favorite book seems to have been the Cirque Du Freak books by Darren Shan...Hopefully he'll read some more he likes now that he's in college (his HS really didn' all almost)


My four year old loves to read. Our favorite right now are the Little Bill books and No David No.


I don't have a son only 4 daughters. I hope I can still enter. Katie and I and her father had lots of good times reading Harry Potter books together.

theDizzy ;}

I don't have any sons, but my brother in fact just finally started to actually read more than a book per decade. His favorite book is probably the Artemis Fowl series... he's really into that and the Pendragon series... he was so excited to get the newest book, I was shocked.


etwilight @ yahoo .com

Stacie Gorkow

Since I have 2 boys ages 8 and 7, our favorite books to read together are the Magic Tree House series of books. We are only up to number 13, so we have a way to go to get through all of them, but we are sure enjoying the journey the the magical world of Jack and Annie!


I've never participated in a Mother/Daughter or Father/Daughter bookclub, but my parents were essential to making me into a bookworm. They took me to the library every week and introduced me to their favorite authors.


No sons but I am continually looking for books that my brothers will read. They will read, but it has to be a book that really grabs them, so it's been tough - but worth it!

Edward M. Krauss

Dear Book Club Girl:

Please allow me to recommend two of my three novels to you and your readers.

SOLOMON THE ACCOUNTANT is a gentle love story set in a middle-class Jewish neighborhood in 1950. It is strictly PG, and would be a fine book for someone 14 years old, perhaps even younger.

HERE ON MOON is the story of a woman who is suddenly confronted with divorce. She tries to save the marriage but fails, and so enters the world of single parenting (a quick-witted daughter in her early teens) and eventually single-again dating.

MOON contains references to adultery, although there is no graphic sex, not even close, and a bit of profanity. I’d suggest it for readers 16-up.

Excerpts and a review are available at

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I am pleased to answer emails addressed to

Thank you for your consideration.

Ed Krauss


My son's favorite book is "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb".

I blogged about the contest:

Jozi Hall

Reading is so important and I love connecting people (especially children) with that magical book that lights up their eyes when they talk about it!

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