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August 13, 2008


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Nicholas Sparks' Nights in Rodanthe Comes to the Big Screen Next Month -- Watch the Trailer and Enter the Giveaway!:


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Oh, I love a good romance story and Richard Gere too! This looks like a perfect movie for a girls night out - I've got to get my friends together and have a good cry at the movies.

Lori Barnes

I would Love to win a copy of this, if i'm not mistaking this is based out of N.C. that's where i live and i saw the horses in the video are they by chance the wild horses on Shackleford Banks? If so I've took Pictures of these beautiful horses.
I think Richard Gear is just Sexy !! This movie looks like a Must See Please enter me in the drawing :) photoquest(at)


oh wow, this book/movie looks soooo good! please enter me into the contest!
I can't wait to find out what happens, especially with the teenage daughter...

Julie P.

How fun would it be to read the book for our October meeting and then do a "field trip" to the movies? We always talk about doing a book/movie discussion, and this would be the perfect opportunity! Plus, Richard Gere doesn't look too shabby either! :)


Are you kidding? I can hardly wait!! Much of the movie was filmed in the town where I was living -- Bristol, Rhode Island. We were constantly scanning the streets for Richard Gere. I never saw him, but there were lots of pix in the local papers. I can even recognize some of the town from the trailer. I've never read Nicholas Sparks, but this will be a great introduction. Thanks for the chance!

Lynette Mejia

Wow. Looks like a great love story! Please enter me in the book contest. Thanks!


This movie is captivating. Not only do I love the story but the locales are wonderful. Reading the book would be a bonus since I love sharing this with the group.

I love Nicholas Sparks books and have not read this one yet so I would love to win it. The movie looks like a truely great romance.


I have been wanting to read this book ever since I saw the trailer! I LOVE the hotel on the ocean. What a dream house! I do a weekly book into movie and this was one I did a few weeks ago so I would love to read the book for that! It reminded me of The Notebook which is one of my favorites! Thanks for the giveaway!


I've never even heard of this book! The movie looks fantastic! I love Gere and Lane. They have such chemistry on screen. I love your giveaways!


Well I didn't make the first 10-shucks-lol. Anyhow, for some reason I don't think I've either listened to this one or read it which is surprising since I didn't think I'd missed anything of his yet whether it be audio or novels or it could be I just can't remember-lol. I wouldn't mind reading this one before seeing the movie especially as Richard Gere is in it and I always like to see how the movie differs from the book.


I read your post and thought "I know I've seen them in something lately, what was it?"; then I clicked the video link - of course, I saw this preview at the movie theater this weekend!

Oh well, I didn't make the first 10, but thanks for letting me laugh at my own short-term memory loss :)

The movie trailer looks great, very romantic! I'll get my hands on the book before I go to see it.


i think it's going to be great, i love nicholas sparks, it's not going to be like the notebook of course but it'll still be great and romantic


What a wonderful clip on the trailer. When I saw the Wild Mustangs, I wondered if it was North Carolina. Then, I remembered that Rodanthe is in the title. Corolla is where the Mustangs live. The beach house is stunning! Richard Gere and Diane Lane make a delightful couple. Please enter me in your book giveaway drawing. Many thanks, Cindi

Lolita Allen

This is going to be a great movie. The Divas are looking forward to it.


How could one not think that this will be a wonderful movie? It can't miss.......with Richard Gere and Diane Lane......and a very good supporting cast.........the chemistry just surrounds you...and, of course, Nicholas Sparks' books lend themselves to the screen so perfectly! I can't wait to see this movie...and I would love to read the book first!

Katie Dugas

I was so happy to see another nicolas sparks movie was coming out. i've read all of his books...i just hope that the movie is true to the book, it looks really good though!


Where is my Dr. Richard Gere? I'd love a man to say to me, "any man is a fool who doesn't know how lucky he is to have you". And that many-gabled house on the ocean...I'm in. I'm gonna be in line to see it opening day!

retro jordan 2

Fierce the west wind,
Wild geese cry under the frosty morning moon.
Under the frosty morning moon
Horses' hooves clattering,
Bugles sobbing low.

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