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July 18, 2008


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I am loving Septembers of Shiraz right now. Your group will enjoy it.

Kristen (bookclubclassics)

If you haven't already, be sure to check out Paper Cuts today (NYT's book blog) -- nice interview w/ Sofer...


not book-related, but ...
I love your way of upgrading the Country Time lemonade. Sounds like an idea for a contest or reality show, "Trick my pre-packaged beverage". Well, the title would have to be a bit catchier ...

On a bookish note, I'm reading The Septembers of Shiraz, too, and will join the discussion over at Everyday I Write the Book.

Book Club Girl

Thanks Kristen! here's the link to the NYT Paper Cuts interview with Sofer:

I am reading Septembers of Shiraz, It is a enjoyable read. Especially when you read about the culture of Iran during the revolution. I am sure you have been getting comments from all the readers of Everydayiwritethebook blog.


I read The Septembers of Shiraz in one day; it was an amazing read and I couldn't put it down. You'll all love it, too, I'm sure of it.


I really want to read Unaccustomed Earth. Septembers of Shiraz sounds interesting, I'll have to check that one out!


I just finished the Septembers of Shiraz and it was fantastic. I think it would create a really great discussion for a book club. Hope your group enjoys it.

lisa sharkey

My baseball moms book club also read Septembers and Unaccustomed Earth and enjoyed both of them very much. There are similarities between the experiences in both of those books it is interestign to compare the different immigrant experiences. I also highly recommend The Man in the White Sharkskin Suit!
The Lahiri short stories were so emotion-packed and the pacing of the Sofer was more leisurely.
Great choices.


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