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July 02, 2008


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It must have been scary to quit a job and put everything into a self published work, but this novel sounds very promising and for lack of a better term.. different. It's a story that has not been told before.


I absolutely love your site! You and I have the same taste in books ~ we are kindred book spirits! This looks like a wonderful read!
Bookishly, Bebe :)


This book sounds like a very interesting read. I like anything to do with witchcraft or Salem or the mystical side of things. I'd love to read it!


I love self-published book success stories. They always give me hope that it can happen to me someday, if I ever get around to writing "The Great American Novel!"
The Lace Reader sounds fascinating.


This book sounds very unusual and interesting. Women helping women - a wonderful subject. And the talk about a twist of an ending has me intrigued.

My grandmother and my husband's great grandmother made lace - and I have some from both ... I wonder future they put in the patterns of the lace for us?

Dana Huff

She had me when she brought up Joseph Campbell and the Hero's Journey. I created a course on this for my seniors next year, and I would be interested to see if this book could be a fit for the future. I love Salem witches, too. Sounds interesting!


This sounds like a fantastic, unique book. I would love a chance to read it!

Julie P.

What a totally unique idea for a story! I love that a self-published work is finding success.


The Lace Reader sounds like a wonderful book with a bit of mystery and intrigue built in. I love the idea of seeing a message in lace. Can't wait to read it.

Julie E.

Interesting interview. I have to say, the interviewer hit the nail on the head when she said the book would probably intrigue a lot of people with its Salem setting--that's definitely true of me. Love the whole self-publishing success story, too!


Wow, this book sounds great!


I have this book; it's in my "take on vacation" tote! I understand that Barry did a great job with the novel and incorporating the setting of Salem into the book.

I'm so pleased to know the backstory to her success -- all that work self-publishing and self-promoting paid off!

Enjoy the book, everyone!


What a interesting book! When it comes out I will have to pick up and copy. Thanks for posting the interview!

Susan (Bloggin' 'Bout Books)

Crap - I wasn't in the first 10! Oh well. This book and author sound really interesting.

Book Club Girl

Don't worry Susan, we're going to keep the giveaway open a bit longer, so you're in! I'll email you for your address!!


Darn, I didn't make the first 10 either! I'll keep an eye out for this book, though!

Deb Morgan

Sounds fantastic! I was born just outside Salem and would love to learn more.

Abi Beaty

What a great story - to go from 2000 self-published copies to fame! And the book sounds good too :)


This fascinating and intriguing book beckons me. What an amazing and delightful story. Thanks for this great opportunity. Would love to read it.

Lori Barnes

wonderful interview, love endings with a twist it doesn't look like i got in the first 10 but the book sounds wonderful i'm all for people trying to go out on their own doing self publishing I hope to write a novel oneday and that's probably what i'd do. I done a book review for a woman she self pub. also and her book was excellent.

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