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July 08, 2008


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Doing a summer book club hosting I've twice served this and both times had to send everyone the recipe. I do a Pampered Chef 'Luscious Lemon Angel roll' and do Raspberry syrup instead of the Strawberry, and serve with red raspberries - I even found the recipe on a web site


Julie P.

Too funny -- I'm hosting mine next week too and I was looking for a recipe tonight for a good (and easy) dessert. I like making trifles because they are so easy to prepare. One good summer recipe is a lemon/blueberry trifle with angel food cake. Another one that I made last month is a tiramisu trifle. Let me know if you are interested in the recipes.


I have served fruit and chicken salad with crackers at summer book club. I substituted wine for sangria to spice things up and to have a cool beverage.


Skip the cheese and crackers this time. How about a "tapas" of sorts instead - pita wedges with hummus and tabouleh, a small bowl of kalamata/mixed olives, and red pepper strips with a yogurt/cucumber dip for a nod to the Lahiri book. Going "all-Indian" on the appetizers might be too hot in the summer!

I like your pound cake and berries for dessert - cool and easy.

Julie E.

I like the tapas idea, although I would probably still include some cheese and grapes for fussier eaters. For the "sweet" item, I'll be honest: I would probably go the route of buying cupcakes or cookies at a bakery. I guess it's not too cost-effective if you have a large group, but it's easy for summer and everyone will like it.
You could also buy or make cookies, get some ice cream (a few flavors in small containers), and make homemade ice-cream sandwiches--or have people assemble their own. I did this recently for a dinner party, and it was a hit. Easy but different and tasty.


I've made this dip several times and it is always a hit (and very easy)!


Duh, it might actually help if I include the link, right?


What about including a fondue of sorts for the pound cake and fruit? I also like the Tapas idea with pita wedges and different toppings.

I'm sure whatever you have will be great. My book club meets this week and we are meeting at Starbucks this time. We don't normally meet outside of the library so I am looking forward to some refreshments!


Have you ever tried or made Creme de menthe choc cake? Awesome!! For the sweet item. It's a fun summer treat.

Darby Lohrding

My current fave..
french bread slices with fresh basil, a drizzle of olive oil, a slice of fresh mozz. cheese and topped with a tomato slice....have your ingred.'s prepared and let your guest make their own finger sandwiches.
You could also offer zuke slices to use in place of the tomato along with fresh spinach in place of the basil. YUMMY


What about a spinach artichoke warm dip with tortilla chips? I found quite a few recipes by just doing a quick search on the name.


I love fresh salsa with chips, which is kind of plain, but if made homemade tastes so delicious. I also love layered dips with veggies.


I read a lot of books about book clubs and it seems one thing that is popular is to pair the books theme with the food. So if the book is set in India - Indian food. Something by Pearl Buck - try Chinese. Is there anything that the characters eat in the book that you could serve?


Whoops - I just saw - it is something by Jhumpa Lahiri. I would go with Indian food and tea.

Book Club Girl

You guys are making me hungry! These ideas are so great thank you! And so is this one, from LitLovers, they actually have a Lit Food Map with suggestions from around the globe. Check it out!


I always bring my bring my chocolate chip, cheesecake muffins for desert to any party. They are always requested and so good especially for chocolate lovers. For savory by favorite is always a spinach dip with an assortment of crackers or chunks of a nice bread. And don't forget the wine-that may just be the most important. LOL.


I second the recommendation for the LitLovers food site. It's great! You can read about some of the menus my book club has had here:


A cold caprese pasta salad!:

1lb bow tie pasta
extra virgin olive oil
1 little tub of grape or cherry tomatoes
1/2 lb Fresh Mozzarella, chopped in little cubes
handful fresh basil leaves, chopped, minus the stems
1-2 teaspoons of garlic salt
salt & fresh pepper
sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese

also, grilled asparagus wrapped in proschiutto


Have you thought about going to the library to get some Indian music to play softly in the background for this? It might add to the atmosphere.

Lori Barnes

What about build your won bagel? have different bagels sandwhich meats and cheese or make it on french bread? then you could have a dip and chips to go with it nothing to stressfull.

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