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May 20, 2008


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Robin Renee

I loved what I read, for more than one reason. My Mother is ten years older than my step Father, and they have been very happy for forty two years. I wasn’t sure where to leave the comment, but since I didn’t find a place at HC, I came back over here. No matter, I will purchase this book either way. Danny and little Caleb reach out, taking you in from the excerpt, and Lily is already so relatable that I can’t wait to share this with my Mother.

Lisa C

I am hooked! This book looks great and I would love to read more. I was born & raised in New York, so I think I could relate to the setting, as well as to Lily. I would love a copy. Thank you.

Julie P.

I would love to read this book. It looks terrific! I always love a good tear-jerker! :)

Deb M

Thanks for sharing this preview-this looks like a great summer read with plenty to discuss and I'd love to share it with my bok club:)


I tried my best to open the preview, but it just won't work of my computer! I love your description though and would enjoy reading this book. Could you please send one my way?

Julie E.

I have to admit that at first glance this book didn't seem like my kind of thing . . . but I checked out the Sneak Peek and it really drew me in! Great idea. I'd like to read this.

Heather Johnson

Ok, I've tried 4 times to load the preview but it is just not working. :( But here's what I can say just from what I've read about the book so far: It's not my usual book fare, but the story is intriguing. I'm trying to broaden my reading spectrum so I'd love to read this one. And of course I'll post a review on my blog as soon as I finish. :)


I've tried for 30 minutes to load the preview - 5 different times! I guess many of us are trying at once? I'll definately be trying later today - the book sounds great. Oops, now I can't get the post to post ...

I would love to have a good book to read in the hammock on Memorial day.

Janet Reckert

This book looks wonderful - thanks for the Sneek Peek!



This books looks great! I am drawn in from the first paragraph.


Book Club Girl

Everyone! I am so sorry that this link hasn't been working, I will post a comment and email you each individually when it's up again. In the meantime, Ti, please send me your snail mail address at bookclubgirl AT gmail DOT com as your email doesn't appear with your comment. Thanks again everyone!


I love what I have read so far! It is so much fun trying to imagine living in someone else's shoes.


What I've read so far is amazing. The author does a wonderful job of describing the setting. I'm completely drawn in!

Heather Johnson

Thanks so much for the book - I finished it already! Come visit my blog to check out my review (dated 5/29/08)in case you're interested.

j hansen

thanks for the sneak peak. i am looking forward to reading the whole book when it comes out.....if i don't win a copy i will buy one anyway....(i probably shouldn't tell you that huh?) oh well, good luck to me.

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