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April 23, 2008


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Oh my gosh! My book club met Monday night and I was telling them I want to read this book. PLEASE count me in!

Julie P.

I read this book awhile back. Don't count me as one of the 10, but I'd like to listen when you host the on-air book club. It's a terrific book!


This is so cool. I've set my reminder for the show, but I'm not 100% sure that I'll get to participate. Don't count me in as part of the 10, but I'll do my best to be there.


This is so cool. I've set my reminder for the show, but I'm not 100% sure that I'll get to participate. Don't count me in as part of the 10, but I'll do my best to be there.



I would love to join in, but only if the 4pm start time is EST. I am on the west coast so if it is at 4pm EST, then count me in.


Lisa C.

I would love to participant so please count me in. I can't wait to read this book.. Thanks!


I'd love to participate as well!


I would love to participate!
Thank you!


Count me in! I've heard such great comments on this book, I'd love to read it!

peggy clayton

i would love to count me in....hope i get the station as we are in a rural area but count me in and i will scan everywhere

Book Club Girl

Thanks everyone! And to clarify, the show is available to everyone -- if you want to participate you call in to this number: (347) 945-6149

and if you want to just listen, you just go to www.
at 7 pm EST on May 22 and you can hear it right through your computer. No actual radio is necessary!

Book Club Girl

Ti -- I need your email in order to contact you about the show, and to get your snail mail address. It doesn't come through when you post. Can you send me your snail mail address at bookclubgirlATgmailDOTcom?


Beth Docherty

I'm a little confused whether 10 people have responded or not, so if not, please count me in, as I would love to participate!
Thank you,

Karen in OH

Last year, Thrity Umrigar was actually gracious enough to be conferenced into my book club up in Cleveland. She was amazing- seemed very comfortable with us and did not rush the conversation in the least. Talented and very insightful writer.


I would like to participate in the radio show. ;-)


I just signed into my typepad account so hopefully my email link will work this time. I look forward to participating.

Book Club Girl

Just checking in, as I've emailed everyone who has expressed interest in participating (except Ti, I need to know how to contact you!) I've heard back from some of you but am still waiting on addresses from a few of you. So if you're still interested, send me your address. Thanks!!

Sarah A.

I just finished this book last night. My book club is reading it. Surprise ending with twists and turns. I resisted this book as it appeared to be a downer. I enjoyed the author's rich style of writing and her vivid descriptions. If you need another person to participate on Thurs. please let me know, as I checked the book out from the library.
Thanks, Sarah A. Former literature teacher

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