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March 03, 2008


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Book Club Girl

Oh my god, now an Etrade ad just referenced a book club!! I really gotta stop watching tv and go to bed.

I saw the Silk ad too and had similar feelings! Most of my book club are all about the wine, but hey...whatever works! :)


Sutter Wine has a book group page on its site for all you who like to enjoy a glass of wine with your book club.


Ha, too funny. My book club sure doesn't drink milk - we are more a beer and wine crowd.

Cynthia Baxter

I wonder if soy milk would substitute equally for a milk or even single cream addition to a sweet martini [sweetini]? Must....experiment...


I love this post! I haven't seen the commercial yet. We usually have wine, tea, or coffee at my meetings. Occasionally we'll even pop open a bottle of bubbly! Maybe I'll bring soymilk next time!

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