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March 24, 2008


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"The first five commenters will receive an advance reader's edition of Cassandra and Jane, which will be published in September 2008."

Very cool! Count me in.


The challenge with filming Emma is that Mr. Knightley is always played by such a good looking actor that you don't see why she isn't in love with him from day one!


First five - hopefully this will be one.

I like this version of Emma, but in my area, the tape seemed to break and we got 'snow' a few times during the movie. It didn't last long but hopefully it was just in our area.

By the way, it is about the time of year where libraries around the world can participate in the annual Edible Book Festival. This link is the promotional announcement that the library that I work at has about the event –
Last year I did an entry on Sense and Sensibility (next week’s film) – pictured here at the bottom –
It was Scents and Scentability. The year before I put out a bowl of olives and a bowl of twists right beside it… for Oliver Twist. Not many people got that one. And the year before that, I did an entry for the Scarlet Letter featuring Devil’s Food cake that I had spiked the batter with Hot Damn schnapp’s. None of these entries has ever won. If anyone has any ideas that may help me win, could you please post them? I have one that I am fiddling with – a line of peas on rice pilaf – for Peas like a River but obviously my ideas could use some work (I really thought I had something with the Scarlet Letter one though – it tasted and smelled great!).


Emma is one of my favorite novels and I love the Gwyneth version myself--in fact, I just bought a copy of it last week for myself and my daughters to own--we were always borrowing it from the library! But Kate is pretty good too; my mom prefers that one and has it!

Becky you are so right! Mr Knightley is far more appealing to me than Mr. Darcy (not that I don't adore Mr. Darcy!) but he is my favorite Austen gentlemen. So sensitive and sweet to everyone.

I would love to read the Cassandra and Jane novel! I loved "Becoming Jane" as well (even my husband cried at that movie!)and read the "biography" it was based on as well.


I love these type of books. If I had more imagination, maybe I would write one, instead of just being a boring old historian!


Believe it or not, I have never read Emma. It has been on my list for a very long time. After reading this post I am pushing it towards the top!



I am very interested in all things Jane Austen currently. I loved Becoming Jane. I am quite curious about Cassandra and Jane- I just finished the book The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen by Syrie James and enjoyed it. Love the Book Club Girl site!


Emma has always been one of my favorite Austen novels. I love her as a character because of her flaws. Like Elizabeth Bennet, she acts more in tune with her preferences and her impulses. She is far less restrained and "perfect" than Jane Bennet or Fanny or Elinor. She gets to be the heroine without having to have perfect judgment. I like that.


By the way, did anyone catch that Lucy Robinson who played Mrs. Elton in this is the same actress who played Mrs Hurst in the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice? And we all just saw the actress who played Jane Fairfax in Miss Austen Regrets. Anyone catch anyone else in these movies doing double duty?

Book Club Girl

I kept thinking Mrs. Elton looked like Laura Linney, especially as she didn't sound at all British. But I've just looked her up, and apparently she is, so what do I know? And it looks like Mr. Knightley was in Stardust this past summer.


I found an edible book entry from another library's festival last year for Emma, here is the link

Whoever did this one is pretty talented.

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